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Liam Hemsworth dreamed of surfer's life

Australian movie star Liam Hemsworth wanted to be a professional surfer before he took up acting.

The Hunger Games star, who found fame and romance when he appeared in The Last Song with now-girlfriend Miley Cyrus, reveals he idolised surf champion Kelly Slater while he was growing up and desperately wanted to be a sportsman.

He tells Australia's GQ magazine, "I surfed competitively and made it to the state rounds where I was competing with the top surfers in Victoria. All my friends were surfers. All we wanted to do was be Kelly Slater."

However, Hemsworth is glad to have chosen acting as a career as he recently filmed The Expendables sequel with his Hollywood heroes Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

He adds, "It's hard not to think you're dreaming in a situation like that. I kept looking around thinking, 'Life is so unbelievably awesome.'"

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