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Leonard applauds Jackman for thumping wrestler

Boxer Sugar Ray Leonard has assured pal Hugh Jackman he shouldn't be upset about fracturing wrestler Dolph Ziggler's jaw during a stunt wrestling scrap earlier this week (19Sep11), insisting the fighter was literally asking to be hit.

Leonard and Jackman became friends while the champ was training the movie star for his new film Real Steel - and the fighter was one of the first people the X-Men star turned to after he put Ziggler in hospital during Monday night's televised Raw SuperShow wrestling clash.

Jackman was guest hosting the event to promote his new robot boxing film and he thrilled wrestling fans by jumping into the ring to throw a punch at celebrated fighter Ziggler.

The wrestler took to Twitter.com after the odd match-up and told fans and followers that Jackman really had hurt him, leaving him with a "hairline mandibular fracture".

But Leonard insists the wrestler only has himself to blame for the injury.

He tells WENN, "Hugh said the guy just told him to swing hard and he did that and that's what resulted in that unfortunate situation. I give him an A-plus. He hit the target. I think it's great!

"It was not intentional but the guy said, 'Nail me, hit me, hit me,' and Hugh said, 'No, I don't want to hit you,' but the guy just kept saying, 'Give it to me, give it to me,' and Hugh did what any other nice guy would do - he gave it to him."

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