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Leona Lewis launches animal shelter campaign

Leona Lewis has begged her fans for help to save an animal sanctuary.

The Bleeding Love hitmaker is a vocal supporter of animal rights, and she's joined forced with bosses at a cash-strapped rescue centre in her native U.K.

Lewis has taken to her Twitter.com blog to ask her followers to back her campaign - and she's even encouraging British business owners to donate building materials, lighting, and hay.

In a series of posts, she writes, "I need your help on my mission to save Hopefield Animal Sanctuary in Essex! We need donations!

"Of course we need cash donations but also any business can help us! By donating their time or goods!

"We need roofing, stables, fencing, feed, hay, lighting, timber, business supplies! Whatever your company can offer we can use it to help rebuild this amazing place that is saving animals lives!... thank you from the bottom of mine and the animals hearts."

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