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Lenny Kravitz's daughter has swiped many of his most famous outfits

Lenny Kravitz has lost some of his most outlandish stage and video costumes to his daughter Zoe.

The rocker was stunned when his hero Mick Jagger once told him that his daughter had grabbed his most iconic gear - and now Kravitz admits he has also discovered his actress daughter has many of his outfits and accessories in her closet.

He tells Details magazine, "I would try anything - furs, boas, platform boots... It's funny how you never think you're going to change. I met Mick Jagger at the beginning of my career and asked him, 'Where's that outfit with the omega on it? Where's that cape?' He said, 'I don't know. I think my daughter has it in her closet'.

"I was so bummed, but now my daughter, Zoe, has a lot of my stuff. She took all my boas from the Mama Said (album) era. They were in storage, and I yelled at her, 'Don't steal my boas!' She laughed and said, 'Those words would not come out of most fathers' mouths'."

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