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Lena Dunham is crazy for Clinton

Lena Dunham likens her obsession with Hillary Clinton to how U2 fans feel about the Irish band.

The Girls actress is currently supporting the Democratic candidate in her campaign to become the first female president of the United States of America. However, Lena admitted during an appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers on Tuesday (11Oct16) that her backing of Hillary isn't actually new, and her love for the politician first began when her husband Bill was named president in 1993.

"It’s not like I’m like, ‘Well I think she’s the best person for the job’, I’m crazed for her. My boyfriend is always like, ‘What U2 is to some people is what Hillary Clinton is to Lena’," Lena laughed.

Admitting it was Hillary's "smooth hair and pretty face" that first caught her attention, Lena was more than a little excited when her husband Bill was named president in 1993.

But back then it wasn't Hillary's political views that impressed Lena, it was all about her appearance. So much so the youngster decided she would model herself on the then first lady - hair and all.

"I was obsessed with Hillary - I wanted a bob. I had long stringy hair and I was like, ‘I want a smooth bob’. My mom took me to the discount store Daffy’s and I bought many business separates," she continued. "The way some children said they wanted a poster of Yasmin Bleeth, I was cutting pictures of Hillary Clinton out of Newsweek like a tiny psychopath."

As well as writing a term paper about Hillary's famous comment that she wouldn't "stay home, bake cookies and have teas", Lena also had a doll of the Clinton's family pet cat, Socks.

But one of the most exciting times in Lena's life was when she was in a deli and was told by a man that she looked like Chelsea Clinton.

"I do not (look like her), and I dined out on it for like six years," Lena admitted.

Lena's cheerleading of Hillary came to the attention of the politician's rival, Republican candidate Donald Trump. But while some people might be offended by Trump calling them a "B-list actor with no mojo", Lena said she was "stoked" by the remark.

"I was like, ‘I don’t like you either, clearly’. My mom was like, ‘You’re offending the right people, let’s do this!’ My dad was like, ‘Please don’t call any attention to our family from Donald Trump - this is horrific.

"And also I don’t have mojo - he wasn’t wrong. Like in my mind, Margot Robbie has mojo - whatever that may be. I feel like my whole life would have been so different had I had mojo, I can’t imagine. When he’s right, he’s right!"

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