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Lena Dunham celebrates 30th with flowers from beau

Lena Dunham "already loves being 30".

The Girls creator and actress celebrated her milestone birthday on Friday (13Mar16). While a long night of shooting interrupted the beginning of Lena's big day, her boyfriend Jack Antonoff had ensured he pulled out all the stops to greet her as she arrived home.

Lena shared a sweet snap of several bouquets of flowers lying on a stool, with a sign made out of greaseproof paper which read: "Happy Birthday 30,000".

She captioned the snap: "Arrived home from a late night of shooting to find this display waiting for me. I already love being 30 (and I love my boyfriend. A lot a lot a lot.) UPDATE: Asked sleeping Jack if he made me the birthday sign. He mumbled sarcastically 'no, I ordered it.' "

Lena previously revealed she was looking forward to kicking off her thirties with an entirely "clean slate", as she appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers last month (Apr16).

"I’m so excited (about turning 30). My boyfriend is 32, he seems to really be enjoying it," she said. "My thing is this, I’d be willing to turn 30 just so people stop telling me how much better it is to be 30. But I also feel there is some essential confidence.

"There’s something about your twenties where it’s a little hard to be taken seriously, people assume you’re going to make a mess of things, maybe you have made a mess of things, so I just feel like 30 is going to be a real clean slate for me and I’m thrilled."

Lena is not the only famous face to reach the big 30 on Friday, as Twilight actor Robert Pattinson also reached the age.

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