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Lambert follows Perry's insomnia tweeting marathon example

Katy Perry has sparked a new trend for late night 'insomnia tweeting' after spending four hours answering fans' questions online on Monday night (22Aug11) - newlywed country star Miranda Lambert did the same thing in the early hours of Tuesday (23Aug11).

Inspired by Perry's sleep-deprived texting, the wide-awake White Liar singer invited her followers to "play" the game with her and spent two hours on Twitter.com before she had to quit - because her phone was running out of power.

Lambert answered fans' questions about her favorite color - "pink", her favorite road memory - "a show with Merle Haggard", and her guilty pleasure - TV show Toddlers and Tiaras.

She also expressed a desire to duet with Beyonce, revealed she's a big fan of college football team the Texas Longhorns and told fans she loves to "hang out on my farm and ride horses and 4 wheelers."

The singer also offered up wedding tips for a bride-to-be, writing, "Soak in every second."

Lambert wrapped up the unscheduled question-and-answer session two hours later by telling followers, "Ok my phone is dying. Thanks for Playing ! Let's do it again soon:) goodnight (or goodmorning)."

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