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Lady Gaga shows all in new documentary

Lady Gaga is set to give fans an eyeful in her upcoming documentary after the Poker Face singer was filmed working in the nude.

The pop star has been working on a fly-on-the wall movie about the creation of her upcoming fourth album ARTPOP as well as her road to recovery following a hip operation in February (13).

Devotees will also see Gaga stripping off to get to work, because she insists her costumes are too restrictive.

She says, "It's something I'm really excited about. My experiences in art are going to be in there along with the tour and my recovery. And there's a lot of nudity actually. But that's just how I work. I work naked. I like to feel free. I wasn't about to cover up because the camera was there."

Gaga teamed up with top fashion photographer Terry Richardson for the new project.

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