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Lady Gaga: 'New song is not about Taylor Kinney'

Lady Gaga insists her new song is not about her ex-fiance Taylor Kinney.

The superstar has returned to the pop world with Perfect Illusion, her first solo track in three years - and the lyrics have thrown up suggestions it's all about her love split from Kinney, who split from the singer in July (16) after five years together.

Gaga made her long-awaited comeback on Friday (09Sep16) after a three-year absence from making solo music, dropping her new song and performing a secret set in a tiny London venue.

Her new song references a failed romance in the chorus hook: "It wasn't love, it wasn't love, it was a perfect illusion," but Gaga explains while part of the song is about the type of love she has experienced, it's not specifically about her ex-fiance.

"I love Taylor so, so much and this song is not a hit out against Taylor," she told SiriusXM host Andy Cohen. "This song is just about... I'm sure not only feelings that I've had but that he's had, that my friends have had, my sister has in her relationship... it's a record about all of us. And I would never use my song or want to use the public to hurt anyone that I love so much."

The 30-year-old went on to explain to SiriusXM host Sway Calloway the song is more about the public's perception of her.

"(The) illusion that people have of me every day... and I think that that's transferred to everyone with social media," she said. "Now we all have these perfect illusions that we get to create on our different accounts and you feel like you've got to live up to that in real life.

"But this song's also just about being so intoxicated by love or lust...," she continued. "The song is about waking up one day and realizing you were so intoxicated by something but it just wasn't real and the rage you feel about that. It's a song about being angry when love doesn't work out."

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