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Lady Gaga: 'I don't want to settle down yet'

Lady Gaga has no plans to settle down with her actor boyfriend Taylor Kinney anytime soon, insisting she wants to "party and screw around" like other young women her age.

The Bad Romance hitmaker recently celebrated her one year anniversary with The Vampire Diaries hunk, and while they have shown off their love publicly by playing bride and groom in an arty new promo for her single You and I, she is adamant she will not be walking down the aisle for real in the near future.

She tells Vogue magazine, "I'm just having a really good time performing, making music, flying around the world to see so-and-so...

"Look, I'm 26, and I want to make records and party and screw around and wear fake Chanel and do what every other 26-year-old girl wants to do. I don't want to settle down and live in a house yet or anything. I just want to keep riding this rainbow."

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