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Kyla: 'Drake song put my music career back on track'

Singer Kyla's career has changed "massively" after Drake featured her on his track One Dance.

The singer's music career faltered following her hit record Do You Mind in 2009, after she decided to put her career on hold in order to get married and start a family.

But she's recently made a return to the fold, by starring on the Canadian rapper's song One Dance feat. WizKid. The success of the tune gave Kyla all the encouragement she needed to make a return to the stage, with her choosing to make an appearance at Wireless Music Festival 2016 on Saturday (9Jul16) at London's Finsbury Park.

"It was a brilliant crowd, I was so nervous as I was the first one (on) but the energy was just electric, it's amazing," she told International Business Times UK at the event. "I started dancing around like a loon and then after a while I was out of breath and (struggled to) hit notes!"

Kyla took a long break from music after having a baby, as the pregnancy didn't run smoothly. She suffered from hyperemesis - persistent severe vomiting leading to weight loss and dehydration - and her maternity leave ended up being three or four years. By the time Drake called, it provided "the perfect opportunity" for the R'n'B singer to get back into music.

At first Kyla thought the call from The Views rapper was a joke. Drake had heard Kyla's part on the song, Crazy Cousinz' funky version of Do You Mind, which he then proceeded to remix to create One Dance.

The record became one of the biggest single releases of 2016, managing 13 weeks at number one in the U.K. and eight weeks atop the Billboard Hot 100 for an eighth total, and seventh consecutive, week.

"When they called to say it was Drake I just couldn't believe it. It was so weird, it happened so fast," she smiled. "It's massively changed my life. I cannot believe it's been number one for 13 weeks. This is absolutely crazy, it's the most bizarre situation to be in, as a singer you dream about getting a number one."

Following on from her performance at Wireless, Kyla is set to headline her first live showcase at London's Notting Hill Arts Club in October (16).

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