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Kim Kardashian returns another lost cell phone

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian is becoming somewhat of a phone finder after coming across a second stray cell phone in a taxi cab.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians beauty came to the rescue of a forgetful New Yorker last week (14Sep11) after discovering the abandoned device, and tracked down its owner to ensure its safe return.

And she couldn't believe her luck when she came across another misplaced phone on Friday (23Sep11).

Taking to her Twitter.com blog, she wrote, "OMG (oh my god) I found another cell phone in a cab today! I've called all the #'s (numbers) in the phone & no one is answering! Not sure what to do this time."

After several tries, Kim Kardashian finally got through to someone - but not before having a quick sneak peak at the phone's contents: "I went thru (sic) their pictures! LOL (laugh out loud) and what a bore! Not one pic in their phone!

"Haha! Some guy (named) Nikkit just called the phone & didn't believe it was me! It was his boss's phone! BOSS MAN - Nikkit should get a raise! LOL."

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