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Kim Kardashian had to wait for election result

Kim Kardashian faced an anxious wait to find out the election result because news of Barack Obama's victory broke while she was on a flight to Britain.

The socialite travelled from the US to London on Tuesday (06Nov12), the day voters went to the polls to decide the next president, and she boarded the plane before the results came in.

Kardashian then had to wait until she landed in the U.K. on Wednesday morning (07Nov12) to find out what happened.

Before taking off, she wrote in a post on Twitter.com, "Taking off to London now! Can't wait to land and see who the new President of The United States will be!!! So anxious!".

After arriving in the U.K., she added, "Just landed! Anxiously awaiting to see who the next president would be! Heard the good news!!!! Congrats President Obama!!!!"

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