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Kim Kardashian bans 'selfies' at book launch

Fans who queued for hours to meet Kim Kardashian at her 'selfie' book launch in New York City on Tuesday (05May15) were reportedly banned from taking their own cell phone snaps with her at the event.

The reality TV star has put her self-snapped images together into a book titled Selfish, but fans were banned from taking their own 'selfies' at her signing event at a Barnes & Noble store in Manhattan.

New York Daily News reporter Reuven Blau managed to break the rules by snapping a quick shot with Kardashian, and writes, "There were strict rules against engaging with Kardashian at all. Nothing would be allowed, we were told...

"'No photos or inscriptions!' a beefy security guard repeatedly warned. I had other ideas. The plan was to secretly yank out my phone just as I finally made my way up to the desk where she was signing... My editor needed that shot - and my wife told me not to bother coming home if I muffed it... The resulting photo isn't perfect - I'm sort of looking in the wrong place and Kardashian is out of focus."

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