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Kim Cattrall's grief struggles over father's death

Kim Cattrall has opened up about her heartache following the death of her beloved father earlier this year (12), admitting she struggled to accept the depths of her grief.

The Sex And The City actress' dad Dennis passed away in February after contracting pneumonia following a lengthy battle with dementia.

She was at his side when he passed away and admits she tried to battle her grief by swiftly moving on - before accepting that she had to properly mourn his death.

Cattrall tells Daily Express, "My dad had dementia and then contracted pneumonia. They call pneumonia the old man's friend and I think in some ways it was because he passed away peacefully. I was there when he went and I was so grateful for that.

"I was going to go to Central Park to let balloons go but I couldn't get out of bed. I was trying to be brave and I suddenly thought: 'What am I doing? My dad died, I should be able to cry.' I was beating myself up about not being able to get over it.

"Then I thought: 'Get over yourself and submit to what is really going on,' which was that I miss him, it's his birthday and I can't call him. There's no phone to get to him on and there's no way I can speak to him."

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