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Kid Ink stage invader files police report over assault claim

A stage invader who alleges he was assaulted by Kid Ink's security team has filed a police report, despite the rapper issuing a public apology for the incident.

Brazilian teenager Junior Parriera was injured after invading the stage at Kid Ink's show on 6 December (15) in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Video footage obtained by editors at TMZ.com shows the teenager being removed from the stage by a burly security guard.

Junior is demanding a face-to-face apology from the rapper, and has threatened to sue if he doesn't receive it.

In a response to the claim, Kid Ink issued a lengthy explanation of the incident on his Instagram.com account on Friday (11Dec15), and mentioned Junior by name. He wrote, "I want to personally address what happened in Brazil last week. My security team has been on high alert due to what happened at The Batalcan (sic) in Paris a few weeks ago. They are especially cautious when it comes to watching what goes on around the stage while I am performing.

"This incident was the second time a fan had jumped on stage during that particular show in Brazil, the first fan almost knocking me over! In the moment, my security was doing his job of protecting me and ensuring my safety, as it only takes a few seconds for something to go really wrong.

"I am sorry for the way it played out and I never want to see any of my fans hurt or harmed at one of my shows, especially a young fan who has been a real supporter of mine like Junior. I have nothing but love for Brazil and this is a learning lesson for me and my team that we will use to become better. KI".

Despite Kid Ink's apology, Junior has since filed a police report but is still unsure if he will sue the rapper.

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