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Kevin Hart feared he'd seriously injured The Rock

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson left his Central Intelligence co-star Kevin Hart stunned when he brushed off a major disaster on set, which would have sent many actors to the hospital.

Funnyman Hart felt sure he'd seriously injured the wrestler-turned-movie star when he forcefully pushed open a door in a scene and watched as a chunk of the ceiling fell on Johnson.

"I really almost killed The Rock. He's chasing me into a room and when I run into the room I fling the door open... and I flew the door so hard... the piece of ceiling fell and hit him on the head," Hart told chat show host Conan O'Brien.

"He should have been out, but this is what he did - he goes, 'Guess someone's gotta fix that!' I'm like, 'What!'"

Hart showed a clip of the scene during his appearance on Conan on Thursday night (14Jan16) and revealed he had also posted footage on social media, complete with his laughter as his hulking co-star held his head in his hands.

The comedian almost knocked out another tough guy co-star while shooting Ride Along 2 - but this time it had nothing to do with falling bits of ceiling.

Ice Cube reveals, "He has some of the ugliest feet ever. Them things is... I don't know what they're doing. One is sitting on top of the other. It's pretty bad - and they stink."

"Sometimes he wants to come in my trailer and play too much and he wants to use my toilet," the rapper-turned-movie star adds. "There ain't nothing like smelling Kevin Hart using the bathroom. It's terrible."

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