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Kevin Hart: 'Fame is false'

Kevin Hart isn't a fan of being a celebrity, and dubs fame "false".

The 37-year-old comedian spoke at a Sirius XM event at the Town Hall in New York on Wednesday night (12Oct16) to promote his new concert film Kevin Hart: What Now?.

While Kevin has become one of the most recognizable actors in Hollywood over the past few years thanks to his roles in films such as Ride Along, Get Hard and Central Intelligence, he told the crowd that he doesn't like the celebrity status that comes with being a successful star.

"It's not like your life changes because of the level of success that you have," he said. "At the end of the day people are people.

"If you come up to take a picture of me and I'm with my kids, I'm gonna politely tell you, 'Hey man, I appreciate your support, but I'm on daddy time right now.' As a person you should understand that."

Kevin also used Britney Spears as an example of just how fickle fame can be. The singer has had a rocky road in the spotlight, including a breakdown in 2007 when she shaved her head and attacked a car with an umbrella. But she is now back stronger than ever, with her album Glory receiving both critical and fan acclaim, and the actor insisted her tumultuous time of it is the perfect example of how "fame is false".

"This s**t ain't real," Kevin added of fame. "It can be snatched from you. Look at how many stars they build up to beat down. Look at Britney Spears when she was the hottest thing ever. Then Britney went through a meltdown and everybody is like 'Well we don't know about this f**king chick here.' Then she got back again and everybody was like, 'We love you Britney!' It was like 'What?!' You're f**king all over the place, people."

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