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Kevin Hart duped mom with time trick

Kevin Hart once received a public beating from his mom after doctoring all the clocks at home so he could get to an early morning basketball try-out.

The Ride Along funnyman's mother wouldn't let him leave home and take public transport to school at 4am, so he switched the time on all the clocks and watches in the house.

"The try-outs were at 6am and I lived almost an hour away from the school, so I had to leave the house at, like, 4am to make it," he told Entertainment Weekly. "My moms (sic) didn't want me on public transportation that early, so I set all the clocks in the house (forward), including her watch. At 4am, it looked like 6am, when I'd already be leaving the house.

"My moms got to work, like, two hours early, and, when no one was there, she started to check the clocks. Then she took the day off, came up to the school, and beat the mess out of me."

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