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Kendrick Lamar song makes Taylor Swift feel safe in New York

Taylor Swift has discovered a way to tune out the paparazzi when she's out and about in her adopted New York - she listens to Kendrick Lamar.

The Love Story singer wasn't prepared for the gang of snappers that would follow her around the Big Apple every time she left her home and admits she was more than a little startled by the constant interest, but then she found Lamar's track Backseat Freestyle and now she makes sure she has the tune in her headphones whenever there's photographers lurking outside her building.

She tells Rolling Stone magazine, "At first, I got really anxious every time I'd be about to open the car door. They'd (paparazzi) crowd around me and yell.

"Then one day I put my iPhone on shuffle and Backseat Freestyle came on. Something about Kendrick's voice and the beat made me feel safe. It was pretty much all I listened to that summer."

The song helped land Lamar the only male spot in Swift's star-studded new Bad Blood video, which debuted at the beginning of Sunday's (17May15) Billboard Music Awards and has gone on to break viewing records on video sharing website Vevo.

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