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Kendrick Lamar meets teen whose life was saved by his music

Kendrick Lamar was moved after meeting a fan who credits the rapper and his inspirational music with saving her life.

The Swimming Pools (Drank) hitmaker was the main event at Maryland's Sweetlife music festival over the weekend (ends31May15), and during his set, he noticed a young girl near the front of the audience who was overcome with tears while watching him perform.

He tells MTV News, "I'm at the end of the show, and I see this young lady crying, and I'm thinking, 'She must be really going through something right now. Then I start hearing her murmur with her lips, 'You saved my life.'

"So I'm like, Damn. This is serious. This is not for play, why she's out here right now. Then she said, 'I was gonna kill myself last year.' So I said, at that point, I gotta bring her up onstage and show her some love and let her know this is real."

After Lamar brought the 16-year-old fan called Claire up to the stage for a hug, he met with her again following his gig.

Lamar adds, "I wanted to bring her backstage and let her tell her story. Let her know, it's more than just me bringing you onstage - I actually feel you. Because that's why I do my music. And every time I see something like that, it reminds me why I do what I do."

Claire shared her own story with the news site, saying, "When I was 15, I was diagnosed with severe depression, and Kendrick got me through it, and I couldn't have done it without him. I listened to his music over and over and there were nights where I thought I was going to end it all, and I didn't, and I think that's because his words impacted me in a way that no other artist has ever done.

"I can't thank him enough. I can't thank the people behind him enough for making him come to the earbuds that I listen to. I feel inseparable from his music."

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