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Kendrick Lamar: 'I was in the crowd for epic California Love video'

Rapper Kendrick Lamar brought memories flooding back for producer Dr. Dre when they were working together in the studio - because he was one of the kids on the set of his California Love video.

Lamar recalls sitting on his father's shoulders while Dre and Tupac Shakur shot the promo in his native Compton, Los Angeles.

He says, "It was at the Compton Swap Meet, my father seen them and I'm two minutes (away) at the house... He came and grabbed me... and he put me on his shoulder and I'm watching Pac and Dre.

"Fifteen years later or so, I get in the studio with Dre and I bring up that same situation and he says he remembered everything, he remembered all the little kids out there. I said, 'Dre, I was one of those kids'."

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