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Kendrick Lamar backs Kanye for President

Kendrick Lamar is backing fellow rapper Kanye West in his bid for the White House in 2020.

Kanye first announced his plans to run for President while accepting an award at the MTV VMAs back in August (15). He told the star-studded audience, which included pregnant wife Kim Kardashian West, "It's about ideas. New ideas. People with ideas. People who believe in truth. And yes, as you probably could've guessed by this moment, I have decided in 2020 to run for president."

Kendrick's new song Black Friday, which he revealed on Friday night (27Nov15), is a remix of J. Cole's A Tale of 2 Citiez, and he uses the track to reveal his support for Kanye.

He raps, "I'm yelling Mr. Kanye West for president/ He probly (sic) let me get some head inside the residence/ I'm in the White House goin' all out/ Bumping College Dropout, yellin' God bless Americans."

It is the rapper's first new material since the release of Pimp the Butterfly earlier this year (15).

Kanye recently told Vanity Fair he would prefer to have no competition in his battle for the White House, saying, "When I run for president, I'd prefer not to run against someone. I would be like 'I want to work with you.' I think all the people running right now have something that each of the other's needs. But the idea of this separation and this gladiator battle takes away from the main focus that the world needs help and the world needs all the people in a position of power or influence to come together."

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