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Kelly Rutherford's ex accuses her of violating court order with media push

Kelly Rutherford is facing a new legal spat with her ex-husband after he accused the former Gossip Girl star of violating a court order relating to their ongoing custody battle.

The actress has been campaigning for the return of her eight-year-old son Hermes and five-year-old daughter Helena to their native America from France, where they are living with her German ex Daniel Giersch, after he was granted primary custody in 2012 when his visa was revoked for unknown reasons.

Rutherford lost a bid to overturn the custody ruling in April (15) and she subsequently launched a petition on the White House website, urging U.S. President Barack Obama to intervene and help bring her children home.

The petition has garnered over the required 100,000 signatures needed for White House officials to consider the case, but now Rutherford has found herself engaged in another dispute amid allegations she has violated a custody court order by displaying images of her kids in the press and openly discussing her battle.

A statement issued by Giersch's lawyer to producers at talk show The View, on which Rutherford was a guest on Monday (18May15), reads: "Daniel Giersch will continue to not comment so as to protect the privacy of the parties' children and continue to act in their best interests. It is against a court order for Kelly to place the children's name and photographs in the media."

Rutherford did not respond to the claims on TV, but made it clear she was determined to find an amicable solution to have her children returned to the U.S.

She said, "I'm hoping he does the right thing and decides to co-parent and help with the situation, instead of make it more difficult. My kids... think it's not fair. They want to know that I'm still fighting for them."

The former couple split in 2008.

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