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Kelly Clarkson wants duet with Sam Smith

Kelly Clarkson and Sam Smith have teased a new duet after gushing about each other on social media.

The Since U Been Gone singer grabbed the Brit's attention on Wednesday (13Sep17) when she shared details about meeting him via Twitter.

"I met @samsmithworld & his entire crew... today. Super sweet guy!" she wrote. "Already loved his music, now I'm a fan of his person."

Smith responded quickly with his own praise for Kelly, calling her "truly wonderful in every way", adding, "All my love forever and always. Hope to see you soon!!!!!"

Clarkson then took the online chat a little further by suggesting "we should probably sing together at some point if we're ever in the same neighborhood again".

It's not the first time Kelly has used Twitter to spark collaboration chatter - last month (Aug17) she used the microblogging site to suggest a musical threesome with country stars Cam and Kelsea Ballerini.

Clarkson was thrilled to learn the two young singers are big fans and she responded to a gushing tweet by suggesting the trio should hook up in the studio.

Cam started the lovefest writing: "Just spent the morning getting lost in @kelly_clarkson videos. Jeez she is everything. Emotive, crazy range, genuine."

Pal Ballerini added: "One of Music’s greatest gifts. I agree."

Kelly caught wind of the tweets and added her own, writing: "Ladies, what?! So nice. Big fan of both of you as well! I say this calls for a beautiful trio performance at some point."

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