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Kelis clarifies racist attack by Brit

Kelis has taken to her Twitter.com page to clarify remarks she made about racism in the U.K., revealing the verbal abuse she experienced during a recent trip to Europe was hurled at her by a Brit at a Spanish airport.

The Milkshake hitmaker launched a furious tirade on Monday (12Sep11) after she was branded a "slave" by a fellow traveller at passport control.

She blasted race issues in the U.K. as "disgusting" and accused Brits of being "racially decades behind progression", leading fans to believe the incident took place on British soil.

London's Mayor Boris Johnson offered his apologies to the singer, saying, "Heard about the treatment you received at a UK airport. Want you to know this is not typical. I'm appalled & I'm on the case."

But the star has revealed that the British man hurled his abuse after a flight from London to Spain, while they were queuing at customs.

She writes, "Just to clarify, because apparently there's been some confusion. I was in the uk (as always) this time for bestival (festival) (which was great).

"I took a flight from gatwick (airport) back to spain so for those fact checkers that is approx 2 n a half to 3 hour flight (sic). I landed in spain and that's when fat pink faced british guy who was on the plane with me called me a slave and (told me) to call him sir. It was at passport control.

"I didn't think to make that clear at the time because I was shaken and furious. Now you know."

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