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Keith Urban accidentally dragged fan around arena

Country star Keith Urban was left red-faced at a concert when he realized he had been dragging a fan around an arena after accidentally snagging her with his guitar.

The Somebody Like You singer/songwriter likes to take trips through the audience during shows to get up close and personal with fans, but he grew annoyed with a devotee at one gig when she wouldn't let go of his guitar.

He tells talk show host Conan O'Brien, "I notice that she's just tagging along with me and she's latched on to my guitar, and I'm like, 'Hi, give me back my guitar,' and the further I go, she is just keeping up with me... I'm thinking, 'This woman is crazy,' and I'm trying to almost kick her off the guitar, literally.

"I'm pulling the guitar neck so aggressively and I look down and she's got this top that I've snagged in my guitar and I've actually been pulling her along for about 40 feet. She's trying to get untangled... So I untangled it all, like a fish from the net, and her whole top was just sagging down."

And that wasn't his only embarrassing moment with a fan at a gig: "This girl yelled out... 'Will you sign my leg?' and I thought, 'This'll be a good moment, I'll bring her up onstage, sign the leg and everything,' and I said, 'Sure' and I see her head disappear in among all the people... and the next minute, her head comes up and she throws this thing at the stage; she's unhooked this prosthetic leg.

"I signed it and then I'm thinking, 'What's the proper prosthetic leg returning etiquette? Do you throw it back, do you crowdsurf it, do you make her hop up onto the stage'?... I sort of gingerly crowdsurfed it back."

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