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Ke$ha relaxes after concerts with a nighttime jog

Pop star Ke$Ha hits the streets for a run after every concert in an effort to relax her mind.

The Tik Tok hitmaker keeps her body in tip-top shape by exercising regularly and eating healthy foods, and the singer admits she loves to jog in the middle of the night.

She tells Self magazine, "On tour, I usually get offstage around 11pm with the most intense adrenaline rush, so I put my (sweatshirt) hood on - nobody ever recognizes me - hit the streets and run until I get exhausted. It's nice to get to actually experience the world and exercise at the same time."

Ke$ha insists she's always trying to keep fit, contrary to the popular belief she doesn't look after herself.

She adds, "People think I sit around and drink whiskey all day, but I couldn't keep up on a three-month tour if I were (sic) getting hammered every night. My show is very energetic - I dance and sing at the same time and run around. Training for a tour is like training for a marathon. When I'm eating healthy and working out, it helps me stay sane and exude confidence...

"I bike, I swim and I love yoga. I also love rock climbing, which I've done since I was 16. It's meditative and great for toning your arms and back. I love to run, too."

And when she does hit the streets for her after-gig runs, she leaves her iPod behind: "I like to be in nature. I've heard my music is great to work out to, but it would be douche-y if I did that."

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