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Kate Winslet: 'I'll never become a calorie-counting Hollywood honey'

Kate Winslet refuses to become a Hollywood-type who obsesses over their weight and food intake, because extreme dieting is "boring".

The Titanic star admits she has cleansed and juiced in the past for movie roles, but insists she could never do it full-time.

Winslet tells Marie Claire magazine, "Whenever I go to L.A. the make-up artist or hairdresser will end up having a conversation about how fat they think they are and I really just can't take it seriously at all.

"I'm just like, 'Yeah, you're right, you look gigantic, you need to lay off those bolied bits of chicken you've been eating, because have you seen your a**e?' And they're the size of a blinking pin.

"I'm no stranger to the occasional dodgy juice, but it doesn't taste very nice and it is bloody boring. It's not a way to live."

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