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Kat Dennings achieves dream of appearing in Hanson video

Actress Kat Dennings has ticked off a major item on her bucket list after appearing in a Hanson video.

The Thor star has been a huge fan of the sibling trio since she was seven and she could not believe her luck when the brothers asked her to be in their latest promo.

She says, "They're the best... I messaged them on Twitter, playing it very, very cool, like, 'Oh, whatever, not a big deal, I don't care, but hi, my name's Kat, I love you...' and Taylor Hanson messaged me back.

"Before I knew it I was having dinner with Hanson, which was surreal and unbelievable."

Dennings shot the video with Twilight star Nikki Reed earlier this month (Jan13).

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