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Kardashians 'put a stop to facelift doctor's use of name'

Kim Kardashian and her family have reportedly moved to prevent an Australian doctor using the Kardashian name to promote a facelift procedure.

Dr. Gary Eldridge, a plastic surgeon from Melbourne, Australia fell foul of the reality TV stars due to offering a treatment he dubbed the 'Kardashian Facelift'.

The doctor had even gone so far as to file documents with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in an attempt to trademark the facelift, which he claimed was named after his daughter's dog, Kardashian.

However, according to editors at TMZ.com, Kardashian family lawyers sent a letter to the physician demanding he stop using their name to promote the treatment, which utilises Fibrin, a protein involved in the clotting of blood.

The letter reportedly informed Eldridge that Kim and her family hold a vast array of trademarks relating to the cosmetics industry and that using the Kardashian name infringed on these.

Dr. Eldridge has since dropped his U.S. trademark application and removed all uses of the Kardashian name from his website. The cosmetic procedure is now referred to as the 'Fibrin Facelift'.

The Kardashians are famously protective over the use of their name, as its use to promote products provides a major source of income for family members.

One member of the brood who is currently embroiled in her own trademark battle is Kim's 18-year-old half-sister Kylie Jenner, whose bid to copyright the name 'Kylie' for use in the U.S. has been opposed by Australian singer Kylie Minogue.

In a February (16) filing with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office lawyers for Minogue referred to Jenner as a, "secondary reality TV personality" and expressed concern that her activity on social media could tarnish the Spinning Around musician's brand.

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