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Kanye West gets his own musical in Australia

Rap star Kanye West has become the subject of a new musical in Australia.

Producer Phillip Rosser and writing partner Damien Higginbottom have put together a play chronicling the Stronger singer's life story in a production called Kanye: The Musical.

The show highlights West's early life and his career successes.

A post on the play's official website reads, "This is a story of a struggle against the man to become the man. It’s about a guy who took a shot at the throne and didn’t miss.

And Phillip Rosser can't wait to pay tribute to his favourite musician, telling the Los Angeles Times, "I'm a big Kanye fan. I thought that a musical in his honour would be a lot of fun to put on. I really just meant the show to be something fun for my friends to see, and I'm pretty excited by all the attention it's been getting."

The play will be staged as part of Sydney's Verge Festival next month (05-07Sep11).

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