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Kaley Cuoco uses an alias for show jumping competitions

Actress Kaley Cuoco competes in equestrian competitions under a secret name because she doesn't want to attract attention.

The Big Bang Theory star, who is a keen equestrian, travels all around the U.S. taking part in show jumping competitions and because the sport is seen as a "high end" and "classy", Kaley decided to enter under an alias so she can keep a low profile and prevent paparazzi from coming to shows.

"I actually started showing under a secret name... I have a little bit of an alias," she told U.S. chat show host Jimmy Kimmel. "I've been trying to steer clear of being super noticeable but it's hard when you're being followed around... I just tried to come up with something simple because it's always up on a big board so people walk by and they see the name."

Kaley refused to reveal what her secret name was despite Jimmy's insistence but she explained if she picked a quirky or unusual name, people would see it on the board and run around to see who the person was, and she would rather fly under the radar.

She has several horses which have notable names though, such as Poker Face, and the blonde star thinks they might give her away soon.

"The problem is too in the horse world, a lot of people know what horses you ride and the names of them.

"My horses are becoming a little more famous than I am," she smiled, adding that the name Poker Face isn't "hiding anything".

Although she is "very serious" about the sport, Kaley doesn't consider herself a professional. However, she has beaten her professional rivals in some competitions, and to celebrate she has a beer and gives one to the horse too.

The 30-year-old also discovered an added bonus to her competitions - she has been dating professional equestrian Karl Cook since April (16). She told People.com they bonded over their shared love of horses.

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