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Justin Timberlake reveals party secrets

Justin Timberlake has shared his top tips for entertaining and given advice on how to throw the perfect party.

The SexyBack star enjoys organising events at his home, from barbecues to murder mystery dinner parties, and he reveals the secret to being a good host is to make sure all your guests have enough to eat and drink.

He tells Bonappetit.com, "The key to good hosting is to make sure everyone has enough to eat - and booze on. In my house, we tend to host Sunday barbecues... If you're hosting people, you want them to feel like they're in their own home. I don't like things to be too formal. I've hosted Halloween murder mystery dinners where people had to search through the house for clues.

"We did one that was Prohibition era-themed. The girls showed up as flappers and the guys showed up in waistcoats and pinstripes. At some point, people will drink enough to be hungry, so you need enough food. I've hosted parties where I'll have an In-and-Out (burger chain) truck show up later on in the evening. You know everyone will be hungry again."

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