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Justin Timberlake apologizes for letting down fans in Buffalo

Justin Timberlake made a TV apology to fans in Buffalo, New York on Friday night (21Feb14) after a 24-hour flu forced him to reschedule his Saturday night (22Feb14) gig in the city to the summer (14).

The singer postponed his Wednesday night (19Feb14) gig in New York City at the last minute after falling sick, but he bounced back to play the show on Friday night and had hoped his tour could continue as scheduled.

However, Timberlake had to scrap his Buffalo gig on Saturday because of touring logistics, and due to the end of the Winter Olympics in Russia he can't perform there on Sunday.

Appearing on Jimmy Fallon's late-night show on Friday, the pop star explained, "Wednesday night, we had to move to tonight. It is hard; it knocks the whole schedule off, so tomorrow night I'm supposed to be in Buffalo but we had to try to move that show too because the routing of the tour, it's just impossible to break down the stage (and) get the stage up (in time).

"I thought everyone who played hockey was still in Sochi, but apparently they come back pretty soon and the Buffalo Sabres... we have to deal with so many schedules... and so I had to move the show, like, all the way to the summer. I feel really bad."

Fallon then offered the singer the chance to make an apology to fans in Buffalo and Timberlake turned to the camera and said: "Hi Buffalo, I'm Justin Timberlake, and I want to say I'm sorry, I'm sorry for postponing my concert this Saturday. I know what you're thinking: 'Justin, I don't want an apology, I want a concert'. Trust me, I hear you Buffalo, but there's no reason to raise your voice; we've got a good thing going and I don't wanna mess that up.

"So I'll tell you what I'm gonna do - I'm coming back July 9th and you better be ready because we're gonna party, we're gonna party hard, that's a guarantee.

"And, if for some reason you're not satisfied, Jimmy Fallon will come to your house and give you a full-body massage... so I'll see you this summer, Buffalo."

Timberlake's tour will be back on schedule when he hits Washington, D.C. on Monday (24Feb14).

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