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Justin Bieber releases free track for fans after crashing chat site

Justin Bieber rewarded fans for their patience when a webchat stalled on Sunday (10Feb13) by releasing a new track online for free.

The Boyfriend hitmaker attempted to stage a live chat on UStream.tv during the Grammy Awards, but the video-broadcasting site crashed when too many viewers tried to log on.

Bieber tweeted that he had "never been so frustrated" but rather than disappoint his devotees, he decided to treat them to a new song called You Want Me.

He also uploaded a topless apology video, featuring appearances from his sister Jazmyn and brother Jaxon.

The singer said, "I'm sorry that my live stream didn't work but I'm going to do a video right now so that I can play you guys some of my new music, and maybe get my little brother and sister out here because they're with me right now. I'm on vacation, that's one of the reasons why I have really slow Internet. I wish that I could have fast Internet so that I could be on live stream but it's just not working and my fans are just overpopulating the site. I don't think it's gonna work..."

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