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Justin Bieber records with Boyz II Men

Justin Bieber lived out his boyhood dreams on Tuesday (13Sep11) by recording a song with Boyz Ii Men.

The Canadian chart sensation stepped into the studio with the R+B group to collaborate on a track for his upcoming Christmas album and later took to his Twitter.com page to share his excitement with fans.

Bieber 'Tweeted', "2day (sic) I woke up and realized (sic) that the group that made me want to sing Boyz II Men are now on the Christmas album singing with me. Dream big.

"I used 2 (sic) listen to their music and practice the runs. That is how I learned how to sing. Now I'm in the studio with them making music 2gether (sic). I'm telling you... never say never... never stop dreaming... never give up..."

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