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Justin Bieber pranked by radio host

Pop star Justin Bieber was pranked by a U.K. radio host after accidentally leaving his cell phone behind in the studio following an interview.

The Baby singer made an appearance on BBC Radio 1's breakfast show this week (beg26Oct15) and lost his device during the chat, which was recorded last Friday (23Oct15).

Radio host Nick Grimshaw found the phone but was unable to return it to the star straight away as he could not contact workers at Justin's record label, so the presenter took the gadget to a bar with him.

"I couldn't leave it at the studios because there's no receptionist or anything at the weekend," Nick explained to listeners of his show. "So I called the label and the people he works with but they're obviously super busy and weren't answering. We were all like 'What should we do with it?'

"Now, I had promised the team that we would all go down to the pub after work on Friday as we all needed a few pints. So the only thing I could do was take the phone with me and wait for Justin's people to get in touch."

Nick goes on to reveal Justin's team eventually got in touch with him to arrange the phone's return, but the radio presenter had deliberately filled the device with silly photographs and videos.

"I couldn't (access the phone) because he had a password on it. What I could do though, was scroll the other way and access the camera!... For some reason, I thought it would be fun to take a few 'selfies'. Then I thought, 'Ooh maybe I'll write my number down on a piece of paper and take a video of myself asking him to call'. But it gets worse. I then decided to record a video of myself singing his song What Do You Mean?

"Now, I couldn't delete any of this so when I gave the phone back, he would have seen all of this on his phone."

Nick reveals he has not heard from Justin since the prank, but fears the singer may boycott his radio broadcasts in future: "I don't think he'll ever want to come on my show again."

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