Justin Bieber in angry outburst on island getaway

Justin Bieber continued his angry streak as he cursed at photographers as they interrupted his downtime on Makepeace Island on Tuesday (14Mar17).

The Sorry singer has been hitting headlines with his behavior in recent weeks, which also saw him tell a fan she made him sick as she attempted to snap a selfie with him.

The latest incident occurred when paparazzi attempted to chat to Justin as he enjoyed the sunshine on Richard Branson's heart-shaped Makepeace Island Resort, situated on the Noosa River in Queensland, at a cost of $5,500 per night for four guests.

The 23-year-old singer, who is currently on tour in Australia, didn't respond well to his downtime being interrupted, and could be seen angrily telling them to go away in video footage obtained by Australia's 7News.

His foul-mouthed outburst came just days after he caused a scandal by refusing to take a picture with 20-year-old fan Sabah Helal in Melbourne on Saturday (11Mar17).

The pop singer was making his way back to his car after a food stop when Sabah dashed towards him. Clearly unimpressed she wasn't prepared to let him eat in peace, the Baby singer said, "You need to respect on me (sic). Look at you. You make me sick!"

Speaking to the Herald Sun newspaper after the incident, Sabah said: "He wasn't in a good mood and was adamant that he wouldn't take a photo with me. I told him, I was going to take the photo anyway."

The star has become very sensitive to the behavior of his fans in recent months. One devotee pulled Justin's trousers down during an incident in Prague, Czech Republic, in November (16), prompting a bodyguard to rush to the embarrassed singer's rescue.

Cameras also caught Bieber wrestling with a man who took a swing at him in June (16), when the pop star was in Cleveland, Ohio to watch a basketball game. The singer and the man had to be pulled apart by bystanders.