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Justin Bieber has revelation at religious conference - report

Pop star Justin Bieber had an apparent revelation while attending a religious conference in Australia, telling other followers, "I was blind but now I see."

The Baby hitmaker is in Sydney to attend the five-day Hillsong Conference with his longtime pastor and friend Carl Lentz, and local reports suggest the singer has experienced a potentially life-changing moment during his visit.

According to the Sydney Daily Telegraph, Bieber told others who were following the conference, "I love you guys. Jesus loves you... I'm having a great time. It's pretty awesome. The music is incredible. What they are doing is incredible, I support it 100 per cent."

Lentz also praised Bieber for his determination to use religion to help get him back on the right path following a string of brushes with the law, saying, "He flew halfway round the world at the busiest time of the year for him just for a church conference. It shows you what matters to him... I can't even explain the suffocating nature of the kind of fame that he has. If he's going through something horrible, we'll talk about it. If he makes a decision where I think he could have done something wiser, we'll talk about it."

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