Justin Bieber Rejects Selfie

Another young fan attempted to grab a selfie with her idol in Melbourne, Australia on Saturday (11Mar17).

The pop singer was making his way back to his car after a food stop when the fan dashed towards him.

Clearly unimpressed that she wasn't prepared to let him eat in peace, the Baby singer said, "You need to respect on me (sic). Look at you."

The disappointed fan simply replies, "Come on."

The brief interaction was caught on video, which has since gone viral.

The incident comes four months after Justin, who has often lectured fans about invading his personal boundaries in public, lashed out at a fan in Spain.

The unnamed devotee startled the singer when he grabbed at him through an open car window as Bieber arrived at a gig in Barcelona. The singer reacted quickly and punched the man, leaving him with a bloody lip. Footage of the scary encounter went viral hours after the incident.

A source close to Bieber told GossipCop at the time the fan was running alongside the moving car when he reached through the open window and grabbed the singer's face.

The star has become very aware of his crazy fans in recent months - one devotee pulled Justin's trousers down during an incident in Prague, Czech Republic, in November (16), prompting a bodyguard to rush to the embarrassed singer's rescue.