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Justin Bieber and Jimmy Fallon at war over albums

Pop star Justin Bieber and his comedian pal Jimmy Fallon have engaged in a friendly competition over the success of their new albums, which both hit stores this month (Jun12)

The Baby hitmaker released his much-anticipated Believe on Tuesday (19Jun12) and the late night TV host dropped an album last week (12Jun12), called Blow Your Pants Off, which features a slew of musical comedy collaborations with Bruce Springsteen and Sir Paul McCartney.

The two chart 'rivals' shot a skit for Fallon's program Late Night With Jimmy Fallon on Thursday (21Jun12), pretending they were at odds over their albums' success.

The comic challenged Bieber to a contest to determine who was the most "awesome" person, stating, "Your record is probably gonna sell a lot more copies than mine, but I don't care, man, I'm happy for ya, because I could probably beat you at a ton of other stuff."

The pair subsequently played video games and checkers, held a push-up contest and a breath-holding competition, and participated in a sudden-death dance-off, after which Bieber was declared the winner.

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