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Julianne Hough walked red carpet with fever

Julianne Hough has been fighting sickness while promoting new movie Safe Haven, and even walked the red carpet with a soaring temperature at the Los Angeles premiere.

The dancer-turned-actress has been feeling under the weather in recent weeks but she refused to cancel her professional commitments and has instead embarked on a whistle-stop press tour with co-star Josh Duhamel.

Hough was feeling her worst when she showed up at the Hollywood unveiling on Tuesday (05Feb13), and blames her sickness on her busy schedule.

She tells Us Weekly magazine, "I had a 102-degree fever. It was pretty tough but I'm good. I'm a trooper! I've been sick four times since November. This is the last one, I think! Too many planes!"

Duhamel has also suffered a medical drama on the promotional tour - he accidentally burned his hand on Hough's curling iron and had to conduct media interviews with bandages covering his blistered fingers.

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