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Julianne Hough put off by Hallstrom's SKYPE audition

Actress Julianne Hough refused to take no for an answer when she begged casting directors behind new movie Safe Haven for another shot at impressing Lasse Hallstrom after her first audition fell flat.

The Footloose star was not prepared to audition for the filmmaker via video messaging service SKYPE and when she realized the Scandinavian director would not be in the room with her, she fell apart.

She explains, "I came in to the audition and he was on SKYPE and I was like, 'Wait, I feel so restricted. I have to stay in like the iPad viewpoint?' It was really awkward."

She left the audition convinced that she'd missed out on a role she really wanted and started campaigning for another chance to shine.

She adds, "I called and called and they were like, 'Well, that was your shot'.

"I just would not take no for an answer and so I went back in and Lasse was there... and it was better."

Hough's determination paid off - she plays the leading lady in Hallstrom's adaptation of Nicholas Sparks' romance.

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