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Julia Roberts thrilled to be working with Dermot Mulroney again

Julia Roberts was thrilled when she discovered longtime pal Dermot Mulroney had landed a role opposite her in new movie August: Osage County because the stars had such a fun time on the set of My Best Friend's Wedding in the mid-1990s.

The actors became great friends on their last movie and Roberts admits she "squealed like a little girl" when she discovered Mulroney would be part of the new film.

She tells WENN, "Dermot and I have been friends since My Best Friend's Wedding. We became great pals then... We were so excited for each other and to be back together."

And the friendship was constant on the set.

Roberts adds, "Dermot, even when he had a day off would come and run lines with me before I went to work at six o'clock in the morning, traded for a good cup of coffee. The whole time I was feeling so supported by my old friend.

"He would come to work and watch scenes that I was in and support me in that way. It was beautiful to have each other in that way, especially when we're all away from our families and forging new relationships; it was nice to have my rock steady there."

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