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Judge delays ruling in Selena Gomez's request for permanent civil restraining order

A judge has postponed a ruling on whether or not to grant Selena Gomez a permanent restraining order against an alleged stalker.

The teen singer/actress obtained a temporary ban against Thomas Brodnicki in September (11) after the 46 year old reportedly told his psychiatrist he was going to kill Gomez after having conversations with God about her. He then traveled from Chicago, Illinois to Los Angeles in a bid to meet the star.

He pleaded not guilty to felony stalking on Thursday (03Nov11) and was placed on $150,000 bail.

Gomez's lawyer Blair Berk was back in court on Friday (04Nov11) to try and convince a Los Angeles judge to grant a permanent civil injunction against Brodnicki, making it a crime for him to approach the teenager and her family for three years.

However, the judge only agreed to extend the restraining order until Brodnicki could exercise his right to due process and appear in court to address the allegations himself - although he will have to post bail in order to do so.

Gomez, who is dating Justin Bieber, already has a three-year criminal protective order in place, but that ban, granted by the case judge on Thursday, will expire if the stalking charge is dropped, according to TMZ.com.

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