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Josh Brolin's pies hard to stomach on Labor Day set

Actor Josh Brolin went overboard with his baking skills on the set of new movie Labor Day - his co-star Kate Winslet and director Jason Reitman grew sick of his daily pie gifts.

The gruff movie star plays an escaped convict with a heart of gold in the film, and to perfect his character's cooking skills, Brolin started baking in his spare time - and discovered he had a knack for creating sweet and savory pies.

Winslet says, "Josh would come to work in the morning and say, 'I was up at four and I baked you this pie.'"

Reitman adds, "At the beginning it was great: 'Oh, wow, Josh made me a pie!' But by the end it was, 'Oh f**k, I can't eat another pie.'

"He's (Brolin) like the picture of masculinity, but you'd show up at his cottage and he'd be in his apron going, 'Look at the crust! Look at the juices coming out of the side.'"

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