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Jordin Sparks studied Alicia Keys to perfect piano skills

Jordin Sparks studied Alicia Keys on tour so she'd look like she was a proficient pianist in new movie Sparkle.

The American Idol star plays a talented young hopeful in the film - and wanted to make sure film fans thought she knew what she was doing when sitting at the piano.

She tells WENN, "I took a lot from Alicia Keys because I toured with her and I watched her every single night. I just remember the emotion that she had. The great thing was as long as I had the beats right and the major points of the song it looked like I did, but I didn't really play it.

"I think I pulled it off and it looked like I was playing."

And her connection to Alicia Keys didn't end when their tour did - she's now in a new movie the R&B icon is producing.

She adds, "It's called The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete and it also has Jennifer Hudson and Anthony Mackie and Jeffrey Wright.

"I play an Afro-Latina and there's no music, so I just get to be a character. I'm excited to do that. I'm shooting in New York and recording an album so I can't fit another thing on my plate right now and that's OK."

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