Jordana Brewster wears sheet masks while running errands

Jordana Brewster is happy to wear a sheet mask while driving or on a coffee run.

The Fast & Furious actress boasts a flawless complexion, which could be down to the fact that she likes to indulge in treatments at all times.

"I've been a fan of sheet masks ever since they have been around," Jordana grinned to Us Weekly's Stylish. "Back in the day, you'd have to put on clay masks and that was fun, but I love sheet masks because they are so versatile. You can put a sheet mask on and walk around the house. You might look like a ghost, but it's all good."

Also noting she'll wear a mask even while driving her car around or ordering a drink at coffee chain Starbucks, she added, "If I need to de-puff, I will do it anywhere!"

The brunette beauty is one to always ensure she takes all her cosmetics off after a long day, sometimes using grape seed oil if her face is feeling especially dry.

As for whose beauty advice she follows, The Faculty star cited her mother Maria Joao, a former model who previously appeared on the cover of magazine Sports Illustrated.

"My mom always told me to wash my face every night, drink lots of water and that what I put in my body will show on my skin and determine how fast I age, so that's what I stick to," she added.

As for what make-up Jordana wears, she explained she likes to keep things simple when she isn't busy working as she finds the more products she uses, the more "tired" her skin gets.

But she can't wait to get dolled up for the festive season with glistening make-up, explaining, "I was just talking to my make-up artist about how to incorporate shimmer and glitter into my make-up routine as I get a little bit older."