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Johnny Depp developed a taste for scorpion on film set

Johnny Depp left The Lone Ranger co-star Armie Hammer feeling queasy after he agreed to put a large, live scorpion in his mouth.

The Social Network star admits he was amazed with just how far his sidekick would go to perfect a scene, and he learned Depp is always willing to try something dangerous even when the cameras aren't rolling.

Hammer tells the new issue of Playboy magazine, "We had these scorpion handlers on set for this freak show kind of scene. Now, these scorpions were so massive that you'd barely be able to fit one into a cereal bowl (and) after the scene, we went to check out the dudes who handle them and one of the handlers just opened his mouth and one of the scorpions crawled out.

"I was like, 'OK, I'm good!' and I walked the hell away, but Johnny said, 'I want to try that!' and just shoved it into his mouth."

However, despite his taste for danger, Depp was a true pleasure to work with, according to Hammer: "He's a total character - a bohemian and an artist in the truest sense."

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